The Classic Contingency Recruitment Model

In Construction Is BROKEN!

...Here's Why, and How To Fix It!

*Press play on the video above to learn why the current recruitment model in construction is broken, and how you can fix it, saving BIG on recruiting fees.

My name is Matt Gorgolinski, CEO of Big League Talent, where we help our construction clients hire top-grade, impossible-to-find talent..

At Big League, construction + AEC is ALL we do. We speak to industry leaders on a daily basis, and in doing so, we've found the classic recruitment model is completely broken. We made this video to educate you on why it's a broken model, and to empower you moving forward to attract and retain top 10% talent.

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Nicholas Wendell, VP of Operations, Shawn's Lawns (Dirt World Contractor)

"Brenton has been the best recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with. Besides for supplying various highly skilled candidates he is also very personable and gets to know his clients so he can meet their needs and recommend people who he believes will fit. Brenton has never tried to force us to interview a candidate and he has always been great at intermediating between us and candidates. I will certainly continue to use Brenton for all recruiting needs."


Mike Martinez, VP of Business Management, Rossi Builders (Commercial and Life Sciences GC)

"Matt - I appreciate all the hard work that you put in for us. It’s greatly appreciated. As you know, you and I have three-second conversations and you have a very clear picture of what I’m looking for. And when you say you’re going to call, you call. And unfortunately for you, I don’t read everything you send, but you explain it to me clearly, so then I’m ready to go. You’re just very understanding.

And I look for a recruitment company that can handle all my needs, and quickly, and you do that also. I’m not looking to speak with a bunch of junior people. It’s just frustrating to me. So communication - Big League has been great. They’ve been responsive and there when I need them, and you always strive to do your best to get us the type of people we need and fairness. And, flexibility also a big part of Big League that I think other recruiters can learn from."


Janeen Skelly, Director of Pursuit Development, Zyscovich, Inc. (AEC Firm)

"Working with Big League Talent made my job considerably easier.  I had over three roles to fill within the Marketing and Pursuit Development department, due to the growth of our A/E/C Firm.  These roles are very difficult to fill due to the specialized nature of the role within the industry.  The BLTC team worked professionally, diligently, and effectively to help fill all the positions that came up.  Anyone who hires the BLTC Team would be lucky to have these professionals on their side with such good work ethics and vast knowledge levels of fitting the right candidates to the right position."

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